The Softmobile MiCRM services helps our customers to effectively retain, interact with and manage their franchisees, distributors and end-customers (consumers).

MiCRM offers our customers an easy to use communication service to improve and better manage communication with their distributors, franchisees and end-customers

MiCRM includes a Customer Relationship Management service that offers an un-cluttered interface to managing customer details, contact information, history of customer engagements, as well as live tracking of customer interactions.

MiCRM allows our customers to deliver a turn-key loyalty program that use mobile infrastructure to:

1. sign-up new members,
2. distribute membership offers in the form of electronic coupons,
3. track customer loyalty, through electronic coupon validation,
4. account for customer purchases using coupon rebates
5. advertize for new products and services in real time across locations

MiCRM implements a direct mail service that utilizes the mobile network to deliver targeted advertisements (e.g. coupons) to a sub-set of end-customers, e.g. only those living in a particular region or only the partakers in a particular activity, etc.

MiCRM incorporates a campaign management and analysis system that allows our customers to plan, launch, monitor and analyze marketing campaigns. The metrics that can be used in the analysis phase include impact measures, penetration measures, conversion rate (for coupons), demographic distribution and customer responses (e.g. to avoid spam issues).

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